Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Taller Lefty, or A Tall Tale?

Ok, you can't even make this stuff up anymore. Steve Elling has the details that I'm cutting and pasting only because I'm laughing too hard right now to analyze.

Phil Mickelson, who a few years ago caused more than a few media smirks when he explained how the 20 pounds of off-season muscle he had gained remained hidden under a layer of subcutaneous fat, on Wednesday dropped a comparably eyebrow-hiking story.

An even taller tale at that, perhaps?

Mickelson, at age 37, believes he has grown between a half-inch to an inch because of the workouts and stretching regimen he's been undergoing over the past few seasons.

The topic came up Wednesday at the Wachovia Championship when Mickelson said he has switched to a putter that is 1.5 inches longer in an effort to improve his putting woes, which have held him back since his hot start that included a win in Los Angeles and a playoff loss in Phoenix.

"I've known that I've become a half-inch, inch taller for a few years, but I just thought, gosh, I'm not putting well, and now is the time to make an adjustment if I'm going to go to a longer putter," he explained. "It's easier on my back as much as I practice putting. "

There is no way that he actually went to a doctor to have himself measured. Mickelson has clearly lost weight and is in better shape this season. Maybe he isn't so slumped over now from having a gut that he can stand taller, and not slouch. He regained height, not grew. And I can attest to that from personal experience.

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