Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Quick OneAsia Tour Update

Things are starting to come together for the OneAsia Tour concept for the start of the 2009 season. Bruce Young at pens an awfully wordy piece that basically says the following new developments:

Meetings this week in Beijing may go a long way towards determining the establishment or otherwise of the much vaunted One Asia Tour.

With the Pine Valley Beijing Open being played this week as a co-sanctioned event between the Japan Golf Tour and Asian Tours, the tournament offers the opportunity for the those two parties and other groups involved in the concept, including the PGA of Australia, to get together to air their respective views on the establishment of the One Asia or the Asia Pacific Tour concept.

With the recent rhetoric between the Asian Tour and the merged PGA of Australia, there is much to solve in order for this concept to move forward and this week in Beijing might just allow some of the differences to be aired and hopefully solved.

Now, on the surface, there appears a huge rift between the parties but according to the Tour Commissioner for the PGA of Australia, Ben Sellenger, last week, he has been in regular communication with the Asian Tour’s Executive Chairman Kyi Hla Han and that the gap is not as great as many are suggesting.

Sellenger added that it is likely three or four events will get off the ground in 2009 with the full concept taking effect in 2010.

Now, which are the 3 or 4? Maybe the Aussie Open, Aussie Masters, and two others?

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