Friday, May 9, 2008

Players Survey: Ball Roll Back Edition

As you may or may not know, the European Tour recently solicited responses from their players about proposed grooves regulation via questionnaire. In effect, the Tour wanted to know if players would modify their playing habits if grooves were regulated.

Then, as it turns out, the R&A really does not appear interested in grooves regulation after all. (Or drug testing, or much of anything else except blowing up almost every hole in the Open rota.)

So, with grooves regulation in doubt and in limbo, it might be worth it to ask Tour players how they feel about rolling back the golf ball. I don't care how they feel about the move so much as how it would impact their games.

Here's my survey:

  • Would it cause them to try to hit more fairways?
  • Would they hit driver more often off of the tee to gain distance lost by the roll back?
  • Would they do just the opposite to put the ball in the fairway more often?
  • Is it a deterrent to be lax about hitting the fairway if you have to hit a mid iron instead of a short iron into a PGA Tour green?
  • Do you subscribe to the philosophy of "hit it as hard as you can, find it, and hit it again?"

Let's get some answers!

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