Monday, May 12, 2008

Let's Chat About Annika

Annika really stuck it to everyone this weekend at the Michelob Ultra Open at Kingsmill. She won by seven, a record for the event, on -19. Seriously, she put on a beatdown of epic proportions on the field. It was never in doubt on Sunday - or really on Saturday.

Now everyone is talking about how Annika is back. To be frank, though, Annika has been back since the opening event of the season. Yes, the two wins she had notched up until this weekend were without Ochoa in the field. Still, Annika had been finishing strong in events during the Ochoa winning streak. She had two runner up finishes, a tie for 9th, and then a not-so-good 44th at the Ginn Open. Overall, though, 8 events, 3 wins, two runner ups, and 7 top 10s. She has been back.

The real question was when she would stare down Ochoa and beat her like Paula Creamer did in Oklahoma. It took one week. Things are starting to be put into perspective in the last two weeks. Lorena can be beaten. She is not going to win 20 events this year. She still could win 10. But, she is going to have some serious competition for the titles that she earns this season. Ochoa may be playing incredible golf, but she has two ladies that are on her heels.

The LPGA Big Three is real, alive, and well. And that can mean nothing but good for the Tour.

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The Constructivist said...

Annika was firing on all cylinders this week, that's for sure. Ochoa's weather-related struggles continue and seem to be messing as much with her putting as her ballstriking. Creamer and Pettersen made good comebacks on the weekend after almost missing cuts to post top 20s. Just goes to show how thin a line there is between being in the zone and being passed by many. The Big 3 better not be looking over their shoulders--if struggling vets like McKay and Ahn could post tournament record-tying rounds, and unknowns like Fouch and Hull leap into the top 10 on the strength of great final rounds (shades of Friberg in Mexico) this week, their achievements thus far are all the more impressive--and possibly evanescent.