Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Official: Drug Testing at the PGA

Steve Elling has the story and correctly hinges on the timing of this announcement - after the R&A said they would not be testing at the Open.

[O]fficials at the PGA of America said Monday that drug testing will nonetheless remain part of the picture when the final major of the year is played in August.

Two weeks ago, the Royal & Ancient Golf Club announced that it would not begin testing players at the British Open in July, even though the PGA Tour and European Tour plan to jointly launch drug screening for the first time earlier that month.

The decision caused a minor stir, since the R&A had been vocally advocating testing for years. Instead, the R&A elected to wait until 2009, after the process is debugged and players from other worldwide tours become more familiar with the plan particulars and the nuances of the banned-substances list.

“The PGA of America is informing all competitors in the PGA Championship that the joint substance/methods list is in effect and that the potential for random testing does exist at the PGA Championship,” the statement read [on the PGA website].
Also, read the comments at the bottom of Elling's piece. Some people's opinions are hilarious.

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