Friday, May 16, 2008

Did Sergio Win the Players or Goydos Lose It?

I happen to be in the camp that Garcia won the thing. No, really, he did. He had an abnormally good week of putting, fairways, and GIRs. Still Furman Bisher disagrees:

I was out of town at another golf event, watching Paul Goydos almost win The Players Championship. He has a better handicap than Hiaasen, and he doesn’t go around writing books about it. I mention Goydos over Sergio Garcia because Sergio won about the way Ernie Els won a tournament awhile ago. Neither won it, somebody else lost it, in the case of the TPC, Goydos. Good-natured, humorous and just recovering his game, as is Hiaasen.
Did Goydos lose it because he is all of the qualities Furman described? Is he referring to Els' victory at PGA National in the Honda event? I just don't see it.

Do you think Paul Goydos lost the Players - basically choked?

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Bill-DC said...

I'm just curious, did Sergio commit to defending The Players next year?

I was ticked he took his 2005 Booz Allen trophy and check and when asked if he was coming back to defend, he said "I don't know, we'll have to see"

He didn't come back. I know the tournament moved from Congressional back to TPC Avenel for 2006 and I know TPC Avenel is a goat ranch but still, he should have defended.

That's the reason why I was rooting for Paul Goydos.

Now Goydos will probably end up like journeyman playoff losers Mike Donald ('90 US Open) and Len Mattiace ('03 Masters) and will never be heard from again.