Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Absurd Technology Fluff Piece

This time, the Golf Channel is the culprit. Reporter Casey Bierer had an interview with Sergio Garcia at the Wachovia Championship about Taylormade-adidas. It is convenient to run the interview on the site after Garcia won the Players and pimped out* TMAG on the air to Bob Costas.

Here's an example of the stunning insights:

Casey / Q:
You have been very vocal about being a big fan of TaylorMade’s metal woods. What do you like so much about them?

Sergio / A:
I think the package is great. They look good, they feel good, they play consistently well. And that consistency is so important. I always feel like I know where the ball is going. It doesn’t always go exactly where I want it to but if it doesn’t I know it is me and not the club. TaylorMade always comes with new ideas and things that can help you get better on your game. Not only us TOUR players, but, you know, also the amateurs. I think the feel…the feel that the TaylorMade metal woods have, it's just better. You can still work the ball which is always nice for a player like myself, but, I can still really bomb the ball as well. So, you know, I think that whole package of their metal wood line is just fantastic.
I have to tell you that this run of fluff is pretty annoying, especially because it is not even under the guise of providing real insights or tips for the amateur. This is just an out and out advertisement for TMAG. It just seems to have very little journalistic component to it.

* with apologies to David Shuster

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