Friday, April 11, 2008

These Guys are Not Morning People

You have probably read a little bit about, or saw on TV, the last group of the day that decided to finish their round in the darkness. Lee Westwood, Aaron Baddeley, and Camilo Villegas finished their round at 8:15pm ET. They were given the option of playing the last hole in the morning, but declined because of the "cool"ness of the temperature in the mornings.

Westwood, who finished the day tied for third at three-under, said the threesome didn't play any faster than normal. He's right that they often waited for the group before them, but the guys didn't waste any time walking from the tee to their second shot -- keeping up with them was more double-time march than PGA Tour saunter.
I'll bet, though, that the 10:56am tee time (right about now), is the real reason he did not want to get up early.

Phil Mickelson also is not a morning person. He was among the late starters and the thought of finishing this morning must have crossed his mind because, as Geoff Shackelford reports, Lefty was overheard saying to Bones, "It would suck to have to come out at 8 and we've got a 10:45."

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