Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reaction to Woods Injury...SHOCK! runs a wire piece concerning pro reactions to Woods' surgery and subsequent time off.

First, Brandt Snedeker - a guy who earned a lot of fans last week:

On Tuesday, Woods announced on his Web site he had had arthroscopic surgery on the knee and would need at least four weeks to recover.

"I was shocked. I couldn't believe it when I heard driving in," Brandt Snedeker said Wednesday, a day before the start of the Verizon Heritage.

Makes sense since he still finished 2nd all by himself and Brandt didn't play so well down the stretch.

(Secret reaction: "YES! A chance!"...Snedeker says as much as the end of the piece.)

Then here's a gem from Tim Clark, who seems to have no reaction to the matter:

"He only plays about 15 times a year anyway," Tim Clark said. "So it's not going to do a lot" to affect the PGA Tour.
Clark's right. Between now and the US Open, we would have seen Woods in 3 events - Wachovia, Players, and Memorial. Now we may just see him at Memorial. That does mean, though, that Woods will have to find a way to make it to the minimum of 15 events to keep with Tour rules.

He has some options. He could play all four FedEx Cup Playoff events, unlike last season. But, as a perennial Ryder Cup member and a guy who likes his time off, that seems unlikely. Maybe the Canadian Open, which has been clamoring to see him for some time. But, that's the week after the Open Championship. Those are really the only two tournaments of consequence down the stretch that he would consider playing. Or he could play a junk event.

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