Monday, April 28, 2008

More Speculation on the Nelson

Jason Sobel picks up on something I've been talking about for some time - the Texas swing needs to be restored. In his Weekly 18, he theorizes about the quick turnaround of EDS from being "jerked around" to reupping as sponsor of the Nelson through 2014.

Why the quick reversal? What changed in those two days? Such a turnaround forces us to step onto our Jump To Conclusions mat (full credit to Tom Smykowski, of course) and wonder just what good fortunes Finchem promised to EDS in the future. Our guess: a potential reunion with its Texas neighbor at Colonial, giving the Lonestar State a two-week swing which previously inhabited the schedule rather than the events taking place a month apart from one another.

I guessed that was the only thing that would get EDS to stick around for another term. Maybe that was it.

Take a spin and see!

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