Friday, April 18, 2008

Finchem and Woods Need a Career Planning Powwow

Len Shapiro had a golf column on a few different topics surrounding the National Golf Day business here in DC this week. In it, Finchem talks about knowing of Woods' tweaked knee but not the pending surgery, and that he would prefer Woods be healthy long term. I don't think they understand each other, though.

Here's Finchem:

Finchem said he wants Woods to take as much time as he needs to get healthy, even if it means missing several of the biggest tournaments on the 2008 schedule.

"Tiger is 32," he said. "I want him healthy for the next 18 years, at least, and then another five or 10 years after that on the Champions Tour."

Carlos Monarrez seems to be of the mind that Tiger isn't going to make it past his 40s on the PGA Tour. He has this April 2 column to make a strong case. The column contains a direct quote from Woods:

"I could not live with myself going out and practicing and preparing as hard as I do now and knowing that if I go out and play my best, someone is just going to beat me," he told the news agency. "But that happens. Your skills diminish; guys get better; they're more athletic. You have your time in the sun. There's nothing wrong with walking away from it."

That happens a whole lot sooner than 50, usually.

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