Monday, April 7, 2008

Changes to Augusta Profiled

There are a number of good stories out about changes to Augusta - not only this year, but in the past 10 years since the introduction of the "second cut." Geoff Shackelford has one in Golf World that wonders if there are any regrets. Ron Whitten has changed his mind on the changes, as have some of the players that originally thought the changes were a bastardization. Augusta National has admitted that it doesn't consult players when making changes to the course. All of the articles I have mentioned (and linked) are very interesting.

This one from the BBC is out and out boring by comparison. Basically written by a 6th grader (seemingly), the piece just says what they changes are and that they're great without any kind of analysis, quotes from players, or critical eye. Don't click on the piece I linked.

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