Friday, April 25, 2008

Brian Hewitt on Masters Roars

Plenty of people have pointed out that Augusta National should have more than 2 sets of tee boxes if they are going to have the course play to a maximum of nearly 7500 yards. It turns out, according to Brian Hewitt of TGC, that ANGC may be listening.

There continues to be a lot of grumbling by the purists in the wake of yet another Masters that didn’t provide the customary Sunday roars.

And there may be a solution.

A source close to the officials who control the course set-up at Augusta National thinks he has the answer: Multiple tee boxes.

Currently Augusta has a Members set that measures approximately 6,400 yards and a Masters set that comes in at 7,445. And that’s it.

The source stopped just short of predicting Augusta National will build intermediate tee boxes to create flexibility. But, he said, he won’t be surprised if that’s exactly what happens.
That would not fix everything in my mind - the "solution" would be more than 1 change - but it would help a lot.

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