Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The 19th Hole Golf Show for 4/15

As I announced on The 19th Hole yesterday, I'm starting a weekly post about the two podcasts we are doing each week. In those posts, I want to pose some questions and get some feedback from you about the news of the week. This is an evolving thing, for sure, but let's see how it goes.

The 19th Hole Golf Show


  • How Immelman won the Masters
  • What the changes to the course mean
  • How the Masters is losing its identity
  • Lorena Ochoa owning the LPGA ultraverse
  • Tiger's knee surgery

  1. Is Lorena Ochoa to be considered my dominant than Tiger Woods right now?
  2. What changes would you like to see to Augusta National - not necessarily to make it how it was, but what would be your ideal Augusta?
  3. Is the Masters attempting to create a new identity for itself with these changes?
  4. Is the Masters more democratic now, as one writer put it?

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