Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wie WDs from Safeway: "It's My Wrist"

Seriously, for how long can someone have their wrist hurt?

I know that Denis Watson had his career cut significantly shorter on the PGA Tour because of a wrist/back related injury, but that was striking a massive tree root in a competitive golf round. Michelle Wie hurt her wrists - separately - by practicing, and then the other by falling down. And, apparently, one year later she has not gotten any better. How do I know? Michelle Wie withdrew from the Safeway International next week.

The best part, though, is the reason.

Wie's agent, Jill Smoller of the William Morris Agency, said the Stanford freshman reinjured her left wrist when she accidentally hit a ball that was embedded in thick rough on the driving range at Stanford on March 13.

WHAT? Raise your hand if any of you have ever (a) hurt your wrist at the driving range, or (b) even seen "thick rough" at the driving range? The point of the driving range is to simulate hitting from the fairway. Either Jill Smoller is the worst possible replacement for Greg Nared that William Morris could find, or Wie is hitting balls out of a pasture and calling it a driving range.

Wie already played in one event this season. She made the cut, but played worse in each round - culminating with 78 in the final round. Of course, I am making no illusion to that to suggest that Wie is a quitter, or a wimp. Ok, yes I am.


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Pics in playboy by 2012, under the heading "Whatever happened to?", bank on it.