Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Remember Freshman Year of College?

I know I do. I had a roommate who had asthma, so we got an air conditioned room that normally went to sophomores or juniors. Had to live right next to the RA, but fortunately he spent a lot of nights with his girlfriend. Learned how to pull an all nighter, become a champion drinker, and the joys of wearing pajamas to class. It was a maturation process.

That is exactly why I feel sorry for Michelle Wie. Steve Elling explains:

As nearly everybody knows, Wie is in the midst of her first year at Stanford, where under school edict, she is is required to live in the freshman dormitory. This is where the story begins.

First, her parents asked school administrators if the rule could be waived so that Wie could live off-campus with her parental unit.

Stanford: No.

Second, the parents asked if she could be granted a room of her own. No annoying roommate, in other words.

Stanford: No.

Finally, the Wies asked if they could live in the dormitory with her.

Stanford: Hell, no.

And that is why Michelle Wie's game got ruined. Could you imagine what is arguably the greatest year of your life being ruined by uncool parents? It'd be one think if the Wie's were throwing off campus keggers every weekend. The Wie's would be the cool parents. Instead, they just want to live with their daughter so they can control her in every way possible.

Lorena Ochoa went to Arizona, for a year. Her parents did not live with her. Lorena Ochoa won by 11 shots last week in Singapore. Michelle Wie has no status on the LPGA Tour. See where I'm going with this?

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