Monday, March 31, 2008

Oddball Cink DQ

I know people are probably wondering why Stewart Cink got DQ'd on Sunday. I was wondering too. So, here's a good, quick explanation of it:

Tour veteran Stewart Cink made an early exit from TPC Louisiana on Sunday morning after he was disqualified for a rules violation during Saturday’s third round.

Cink was playing the 15th hole when his ball landed on the wall of a bunker. He stepped into the bunker to figure what kind of shot he should hit next, but eventually hit with both feet on the grass. But because his caddy raked the spot where he stood in the first bunker, he incurred a penalty because it’s considered to be testing the surface of a similar hazard.

When Zach Johnson told Cink about the ruling on the putting green Sunday morning, Cink realized he was the culprit and asked a rules official on the second hole of his final round. Five holes later, he was told that he was disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard.

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