Thursday, March 27, 2008

Let's Talk About Anger Management

It seems like once or twice per year, the media decides to make a big deal of incidences in which Tiger Woods gets really PO'd on the course when a photog snaps a picture of him in the middle of his swing. Woods drops some f bombs, someone reports it in an article, and then people wonder if Woods should be saying those kinds of things on the course.

I'm going to conduct a survey here and you raise your hand if each of these is true.
(1) Have you ever dropped a f bomb on the golf course?
(2) Have you ever dropped a f bomb when someone gets in the way of you doing your job?
(3) Have you ever threatened physical harm to someone if they don't quit annoying you?

Among every person that reads this post, you will have raised your hand to one of those questions.

Does that mean that Tiger should be saying things like that? No. I am pointing out, though, that we have all been in situations where Woods was at the CA Championship. Other pro golfers experience it all of the time. Some handle it similarly to Woods, others are a little more docile. Still, a lot goes on in a golf tournament that fans on TV - and even in person - would scoff at if they knew.

Athletes are human beings. They talk trash, they cuss, they get mad, etc. It happens in every sport. To force them to be held to some arbitrarily higher standard of "we'll admonish you when we hear it" seems unfair. Yes, I know that kids idolize Tiger Woods and that he is setting a bad example for them when telling a photographer that he'll break his f'n neck. But, that is where the parent comes in, explains the situation, and puts things into perspective.

So, everyone, just calm down a little bit and move on to other more pressing problems - like a celebrity chef being grazed by a stray bullet on the course at this week's Zurich Classic.

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