Friday, March 7, 2008

The Greens at Bay Hill are on Life Support

Still, the Arnold Palmer Invitational goes on as scheduled! And, people have been playing the resort course all winter long, despite knowing the greens are receiving CPR! Steve Elling reports:

The greens at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, one of the biggest events in the regular PGA Tour season, have been completely replanted at the 11th hour because of damage from an unknown organic source.

The root structure of the greens was so meager and the surface grass was so sparse, club officials three weeks ago elected to remove the sod in the affected sections, replace the sand base, then re-seed the greens with winter rye grass, a PGA Tour official said Tuesday.

"I can tell you they have come a long way in 2 1/2 weeks," he said. "I mean, it's fixed for the tournament."

Is it really now? Let's hear what a player thinks.

Daniel Chopra, a Bay Hill member and resident, was asked to describe the shape of the greens and quipped, "Like fairways."
That's not a compliment, just in case you were wondering.

There’s a formal PGA Tour notice hanging this week in the Innisbrook locker room about Bay Hill, explaining the massive mouth-to-mouth they have given the greens. The second paragraph reads as such: “On a more positive note, the overseeding of the tees, fairways and rough has excellent density and uniformity, and is holding up quite well to the high volume of winter play.” So the greens are in such sketchy shape that a formal tour advisory was issued to players, but the course is still open to resort and membership play? Yikes.
Good God, what were they thinking?!

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