Monday, March 10, 2008

Cink Responds to Collapse

John Romano profiles the Cink collapse in the St. Pete Times. Good on Cink to man up for the loss, but Romano brings an interesting point to the discussion.

There are a dozen players on the PGA Tour just like Cink. Players whose names are familiar, whose accomplishments are applauded. The difference is Cink is regrettably becoming known for something more. For something a little less inspiring.

He is no longer a guy who is consistently around the top 25 money leaders. Now, he is the guy who seems to fall apart when the stakes are the highest.

To his credit, Cink is not running from that characterization.

"It's no coincidence. I just haven't played very good final rounds," Cink said. "It's like I'm a little bit tentative. I got tentative on my putts a couple of times. You don't have room to be that way when you've got the best players in the world lined up behind and ready to pounce on my mistakes."

He knows he is known as a choke artist, but how in the world do you fix something like that? I think a guy he could talk to about that would be Sergio Garcia. Maybe they could have a players' group.

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