Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Captain Zinger With Another Zinger

Paul Azinger is considering recruiting the hottest Nationwide Tour player for one of his four Captain's Picks for the Ryder Cup. This is a little old, but Rex Hoggard has the details.

Last week at the PODS Championship, Azinger offered his idea that if a Nationwide Tour player were to win three events on the secondary circuit and receive a “battlefield promotion” to the PGA Tour prior to the matches he would consider that player for one of his four captain’s picks.

Some bristled at the notion. Others dismissed it altogether. But on Tuesday at Bay Hill, Azinger passionately backed up his claim that he wants to take the hottest Americans to Valhalla, regardless of pedigree or position.

“If he wins three in a row or three out of four or whatever. He wins that last one the week I’m picking I think he’s as confident as anyone else,” Azinger said. “I had some players say to me, ‘You can’t pick a guy like that. He’d be too nervous.’ I’m just saying I’m not afraid to do anything I have to do to get it right.”
Hell yeah, Zinger. Break the rules down and do what it takes to win this thing for once! The reality is, though, that is not likely to happen and Azinger knows it.
Azinger, who never played the Nationwide Tour, likely did his homework before stepping to the Nationwide ledge. Seven of the eight players who have earned “battlefield promotions” have been Americans, and the earliest a player has ever made the jump is Aug. 5 (Heath Slocum in 2001). Which means, at least to Azinger, that if their is a three-time lottery winner it will occur virtually on the eve of the matches.
Still, it is pretty cool that he is willing to do anything to win - regardless of the good ole regulars who would have made the team...and probably lost.

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