Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Asian Tour to Not Join OneAsia Tour?

That's sure how it sounds according to this piece in the Asian Golf Monthly magazine.

Kyi Hla Han, the executive chairman of the Asian Tour, has played down the possibility of the Tour joining forces with the Japanese and Australasian Tours to create the proposed OneAsia Tour.

Speaking to PA Sports in Kula Lumpur Han revealed that no talks had taken place and that there was little impetus on the Asian Tour's part to push the proposal forward given the healthy state of golf on the continent.

"Right now, we feel that we've been ignored a little bit," he said.

"So far, we feel that as the Asian Tour, we're just going to do what we're going to do at the moment and if there are plans to bring us into the talks, we'll talk, but we don't feel that we need to do anything to enhance the Asian Tour. "
We had Ben Sellenger - head of the PGA Tour of Australiasia - on the program not too long ago to talk about the OneAsia concept. He seemed hopeful for something in 2010 and idealistic about the OneAsia tour in 2009. This seems to fly in the face of that, but there really is no way to verify the involvement of the Asian Tour in such discussions.

Where do things stand between JPGT and PGATA?

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