Friday, February 22, 2008

Sergio Lost to Boo Weekley

Boo Weekley defeated Sergio Garcia 3 and 1 yesterday in their second round match at the Accenture Match Play. Garcia, who had been carrying two putters in his bag this week in the ultimate act of desperation, must have been really upset when the final handshake was made. After all, the two have a history.

Sergio was DQ'd from the PGA Championship after he signed for an incorrect score that Weekley kept. A few weeks later at the Deutsche Bank Championship, a similar scoring incident happened between the two - that did not result in a DQ.

I am biased toward Weekley because he is one of the great characters in golf right now. And since I am so biased, let me point you to a great profile of Weekley in USA Today by Steve DiMeglio.

In the piece, it says Weekley didn't even know until Wednesday that you could concede putts or shots in match play.

Let me end the post with this highlight that, if Sergio read this piece, may make him all the more angry about the loss.

"I'd much rather watch fishing or hunting or NASCAR or something," Weekley said. "It's got to be moving, man. Golf ain't moving."

Not that Weekley watches a lot of TV. He'd rather have a rifle or a fishing pole in his hand than a remote or a golf club. Forced to choose, he'd pick hunting as his favorite sport.

Weekley doesn't even really care about golf, but he beat Sergio!

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