Friday, February 29, 2008

Noose Found at Tilghman's Old House

Ok, Kelly Tilghman messed up but now she is actually the victim in a situation - kind of.

The noose was found at the entrance to Tilghman Estates, which includes the description, "Home of Kelly Tilghman, Golf Channel."

Police have removed a noose found hanging on a subdivision sign where an announcer for The Golf> Channel used to live.

Police told The (Myrtle Beach) Sun News that they haven't received any threats against Tilghman's relatives in the area.

I mean, in the spirit of Eye for an Eye, this seemed bound to happen. In the spirit of ridiculousness, the moron who did this picked the wrong place.

And, the person is way behind the times. We have already moved on to making fun of Nick Faldo for his conflict of interest statements. Is someone going to leave a heap of Nike golf balls outside of the Faldo estate? Look out, Nick!

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