Friday, February 8, 2008

A Little Insight on Chambers bay

In the previous post, I wondered what drew the USGA to Chambers Bay - a course less than a year old with no experience (obviously) in hosting any kind of tournament, much less a USGA circus.

Mike Davis - who I personally enjoy more and more everyday - talked with Steve Elling about the decision after it was announced today. In my mind, he gave Elling two significant reasons for why Chambers Bay was picked.

One is not so surprising: "it has its modern influences -- the back tees stretch to nearly 7,600 yards."

The other, I think, is a great admission and perhaps a sign of a move in the right direction for the USGA on top of what Mike Davis recognized after Oakmont as says he has used in modeling the setup at Torrey Pines.

Wind and the course's fescue grass will present daunting tests, but the biggest visual difference is the linkland feel. The traditional Open course has been a tree-lined, parkland style layout with high rough and narrow fairways. Predictable fare, really.

"There is no question, sometimes we have been a little cookie-cutter with regard to the set-up," Davis said. "This is a course we can almost set up like a British Open. I am so excited, I can hardly stand it."

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