Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here's a Nightmare Thought RE: Tiger

Well, really two thoughts related to Tiger Woods. First, he HAS had a perfect season in the past.

TIGER WOODS laughed when asked if he ever thought about the perfect season.

"No," he replied. "I've only had one perfect season but it's been a while. When I was 11, I won 36 tournaments that year."

You never lost?

"No, I peaked at 11," Woods quipped.

Second, he may not have actually peaked at 11.

"He's a lot better at that now than he's ever been. Tiger always stays poised and never throws away a shot. He regulates his heartbeat. Physiologically, he's regulating all the time. It's really impressive and it's paying off for him."

Told he made Woods sound like a machine, Cink joked: "Perhaps we ought to slice Tiger open and see what's in there -- maybe nuts and bolts."

Just a couple of quick thoughts, but more for the jokes.

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