Friday, February 29, 2008

A Couple of New Links

You might have noticed that I have expanded my links collection on the sidebar recently. I have a few golf-specific and golf-related blogs that I'd like to throw your way to add to your reading list.

First is PGA Tour Review. I found this link through Daniel Wexler's website (another new link). It's a fun site because it takes a look at the tournaments, courses, and some stories that otherwise kind of fall off of the radar. Unlike my site, the fun that the Review makes of golf is funny.

While I have mentioned him, I'll point you to Daniel Wexler's website. The guy does a hell of a job of previewing each week's tournaments and providing daily reviews of the news. They could be your gospel for the golfing week. No wonder, Wexler is an accomplished author.

I also linked to a blog called Capelle on Golf. It is a blog that is just starting, but has some good posts that are not your run of the mill blog post: find an article, quote it, add any insight and/or bash it, then move on. It's off to a good start so I wanted to lend a link to it. In fairness, he linked to me first.

Finally, I am adding a golf-related blog - Eye on Sports Media. The editor, Chris Byrne, worked on the PGA Tour as a caddy for a number of seasons and now runs a blog about sports media. Some posts are golf related, some are not. But, as someone who loves sports media, I am in the tank for a blog like this.

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