Monday, January 14, 2008

Some More on Westchester

First, let me get you the link to Geoff Shackelford's posting of the letters from Westchester to membership and the Tour to Westchester.

Next, let's fill in some more details. Larry Dorman, back in the reporting ranks and taking names for the NY Times, has a full report on the story. He is saying that CBS - the tournament broadcaster - created the pressure to move the event.

One club member who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the Barclays said pressure to move the event was coming from CBS, which was disappointed by mediocre television ratings for the 2007 event, won by Steve Stricker.
Then CBS was dumb in making that request because Tiger is why the ratings were mediocre, right? Wrong. Tiger doesn't like Westchester. That's why he doesn't play there, or in any event which he chooses to skip. It's the course, stupid!

So here's the big question if CBS was the reason for the move. Did the PGA Tour clear Ridgewood with Woods before seeking them out as a 2008 host? Did they do the same with 2009 host Liberty National? IF Woods loves Ridgewood, would the Tour pull the carpet out from under Liberty National?

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