Monday, January 7, 2008

Great Tour Soundbytes

Jason Sobel has the Weekly 18 over at and he brings some gems from this week's Mercedes-Benz Championship.

First, some goodies from Calc:

On looking back at his career: "Maybe if I would have practiced a little bit harder or been in better shape, I would have won more. … It's like losing weight. I'll lose weight in December -- no, I'll lose weight next March. Or I'm not going to drink for a month. No, I can't do that, the Rush concert is next week. It's like that my whole life. I'm going to work out every day, whatever. No, can't do that. There's always something that comes up to screw that up. That's kind of the way that is through your whole career. OK, I'm going to practice my ass off in 2008. I can't leave the course fast enough, and it's the first day of the year. I played nine holes in a cart and I've had enough. I'm ready to go home. So much for that theory."

On whether he has ever gone bowling with Woody Austin: "No. I've played blackjack with him. That's a treat. … He is without a doubt the unluckiest blackjack player in history. Just ask him. Nobody gets screwed more than him. Every time he doubles down, he gets a 2. Dealers are always flipping off five-, six-card 21s on him. … He turns as red as this flower here. He gets all pissed off. It's kind of funny to watch."
And this from Scott Verplank:
"I'm a man. I'm 43." -- Oklahoma State alum Scott Verplank to a reporter, referencing football coach Mike Gundy's outburst in the fall, when asked about receiving a 1-stroke penalty in the opening round.

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