Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Still Nothing From Rory

Rory has yet to respond to all of the hubbub surrounding his WD at the Target World Challenge last weekend. He hasn't responded to the clearly BS reason cited by PGA Tour officials and then a different BS reason by his agent. He also has not responded to calls from players and the media that he return the $170,000 last place prize money that he collected and give it to the Tiger Woods Foundation.

I know he is in Hawaii for vacation - he told us that - but I'm pretty sure that the islands have Internet and telephone service. He should have responded by now. By not doing so, am I to assume that he has nothing to add to the discussion? Is he going to stand by his agent's shin splint excuse? Is he planning to keep the money for the Rory Sabbatini Foundation, aka his bank account? And what about the courtesy car that has still not been accounted for publicly?

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