Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Cheap Ploy for Hits - Anna Rawson Edition

I know many of you fellas are looking for pictures of Anna Rawson, the Australian model and former USC player that has earned conditional status on the LPGA Tour next season. I was taking a look at a story on the Gulfnews website previewing the Dubai Ladies Masters and her appearance in the event. No pictures.

So, here are a few links for your enjoyment.

Anna Rawson's website, for starters.
How bout her MySpace page?
Rawson's most famous pic from Golf Magazine.
From some magazine called Saturday Night Magazine.

And just as I am about to post, Beth Ann Baldry at Golfweek reminds me to remind you to not forget about May Wood.

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J Pat said...

Cheap ploy or not thanks for the places to look.