Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Value of Par Golf

The LPGA Tour compiled a statistic to show what a golfer who played even par golf all year long - hypothetically named Eve N. Par (har har) - would make and position on the money list if that golfer played in all official events. On the LPGA Tour this year, that was 31 events, unless you include the Women's World Cup of Golf.

From the AP, Eve N. Par would have finished with $605,121 to finish at No. 24 on the LPGA money list.

How about if the same thing happened for STEve N. Par (how ya like that, LPGA)? Again, from the AP:

Apply that to the PGA TOUR, and the statistics get skewed, for Eve N. Par would have won the Masters and the U.S. Open. Total earnings would have been $4,650,492 to finish at No. 5 on the PGA Tour money list, playing in 43 tournaments.

Throw out the majors and replace them with opposite-field events (when applicable), and the total would have been $1,780,875 to finish 48th on the money list.

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